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BBA.Bau-Projekt GmbH Berlin is a partner with TMM CONDO MONT and ABR MECHANIC doo Pancevo Serbia.

The ARGE’s areas of activity with 250 employees are:

  1. Steelwork

  2. Metalworking

  3. Corrosion protection

  4. Welding work

  5. Assembly work

We are particularly specialized in the field of welding technology:

  • MIG welding process

  • MAG welding process

  • TIG welding process

  • MMA welding process

  • Autogenous welding process

  • Welding of different materials

  • Mirror welding

Our employees are very well trained and experienced professionals with international experience.

Our references and orders have been made with renowned international companies such as former USS Steel Smederevo (repair of the large furnace), HBIS Group Serbia Iron & Steel Smederevo (annual contract basis), Oil Refinery Pancevo, HIP Petrochemical Group Pancevo, Messer Technogas Sremska Mitrovica and many more.

We are a reliable and internationally experienced partner!

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