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High quality turnkey construction

Accurate restoration and representation of the condition of a historic building

Adding value to projects by following general and local restoration practices and rules

Construction planning according to cost groups DIN 276

Project planning and project monitoring

Execution planning

(AFU planning performance phase 5 according to HOAI)

1. Turnkey construction

2. Earthworks

3. Demolition work with or without disposal (according to customer requirements)

4. Shell

5. Carpentry

6. Roof work

7. Plumbing

8. Carpentry

9. TGA work (technical building equipment)

10. Electrical work

11. Plastering work

12. Drywall work

13. Screed work

14. Facade work

15..Exterior work

*Price according to customer agreement, building description and LV (list of services)

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